Seamless Waterproof Coatings

We work directly with emulsion manufacturers to ensure our industrial-grade instant-set liquid rubber materials and cool roof coatings are engineered for each custom application and designed to last.

Certified Applicators

Austin Roofing & Waterproofing specializes in commercial and industrial seamless waterproofing. With over 25 years in the industry our clients choose Austin with confidence: 

  • Complete professional evaluation of your project environment 
  • Correct product and application methods selected for the substrate
  • Knowledgeable and certified commercial waterproofing teams
  • Warrantied material and workmanship backed by Lloyd’s of London; 10yr to 20yr, extendable to the life of the building.
  • Environmentally safe, FM Approved and Energy Star rated 
Seamless Rubber Coatings
Adhere to and strengthen any surface
Commercial Below Grade
Applied to any thickness in one application
Degradation Restoration
Protects and prolongs the life of the roof

Product Features

  • Spray-on, liquid rubber membrane
  • Sprayed to any thickness in a single coat
  • Remains flexible in sub-degree temperatures
  • Excellent adhesion – strengthens existing substrate
  • Highly resistant to UV, ozone, salt spray, or chemicals
  • Highly energy efficient and reduces thermal shock
  • Class A self-extinguishing fire resistance (FM-Approved)
  • Exceeds most stringent wind uplift requirements
  • Safe for the environment and grower industry

Commercial Applications

  • Flat Roof Systems: BUR, Steel, Glass, Solar
  • Cool Roof Coatings – White Acrylic Energy Start Certified
  • Air and Vapor Barriers
    Concrete Structures & Parking Garages and
  • Containment/Retention Systems
  • Greenhouse Environments
  • Dry Storage Moisture Barrier
  • Liquid/Dry Storage Silos, Bins & Tanks
  • All commercial and industrial applications

UV Thermal Cool Roof Coatings

Ontario's Cool Roof Experts

Spray-on White Coatings can be applied to virtually any surface and provide an impermeable membrane that is: Seamless, Waterproof, UV Thermal Reflective, Energy Star Certified and Helps to preserve the roof and prevent degradation.

Professional installation insures the correct product and application method for your project.