UV Thermal WHITE Roof Coating

Save Energy and Control Temperatures

UV White Roof is an acrylic and ceramic based thermal coating that reflects UV rays and dramatically reduces heat transfer through it resulting in a thermal insulating barrier. It is also a premium protective coating that prevents premature degradation to roof membranes

UV WHITE Coating Advantages

  • Minimize roof maintenance costs
  • Lower energy costs 7% – 30%
  • Extend the life of your cooling system
  • Reduce roof temperatures by 80°
  • Reduce inside temperatures by 35°
  • Safe for the environment

UV WHITE Acrylic Applications

Acrylic UV Coatings can be used on multiple surfacing to slow deterioration and provide superior energy efficiency through its reflective and thermal properties:

  • Liquid Rubber Membranes / Coated Surfaces
  • Flat Roof Systems
  • Metal Roofs
  • Block, Bricks, Cement Board
    Metal, Pipes
  • Asphalt Shingles and Roof Decking
  • Other exterior surfaces

Dept. of Energy on White Roofing:

Cool Roof Energy Saving UV Roof by Austin Roofing
How UV Thermal Roof Coating Works