Retail & Office Modified Roofs Restored

Retail & Office Roof Restoration
Regional Property Management Firm

Boise, Idaho

80 Mil TRITOflex membrane
20 Mil TRITOthem Ceramic Coat

80,000 Square feet


Property managers often see expensive proposals for roof tear-offs come across their desks. For a company in Idaho, 80,000 sq. ft. of roof adds up to a hefty number.

Two of their buildings, which house offices, retail stores, and manufacturing tenants, were leaking and at the end of their service life.  The existing modified bitumen system had a white granulated cap sheet on top to help cool the roof and prevent premature degradation. When 4 Elements Roofing & Waterproofing was called in by the manager to inspect the roof, they found an average surface temperature of 148 F (64 C) when it was 90 F (32 C) outside.

Eco-Smart Investment

After inspecting the roof, 4 Elements proposed an “eco-smart” alternative to tearing the roof off. This company could continue to utilize the existing capital investment they’d already made. The existing substrate still provides durability and puncture resistance. With the water-based TRITOflex rubber membrane directly on top, they’d receive a new warranty which can be sustained for the life of the building.

In addition to saving literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, this company:

  • Utilized their existing investment rather than waste it
  • Sent no waste to the landfill
  • Chose an environmentally-safe system with no odor and disruption
  • Greatly decreased their surface temp and energy costs with the TRITOtherm ceramic-technology reflective top coat

Quality Installation & Energy Savings Achieved

TRITOflex, which is water-based with no VOC’s, was professionally installed by qualified and trained applicators in one coat. The sacrificial, heat-reducing TRITOtherm top coat was then installed on top for a sustainable investment.

After the system was installed, 4 Elements took another surface temperature reading on a 90 degree day. This time, the surface was only 81 F (27 C); cooler than the outside temperature! With the ceramic micro-spheres dissipating heat, even when this roof becomes dirty and aged, it will remain cooler than other “cool roof” materials popular in the market.

The building owner received a 15-year warranty which will be renewed for the life of the building with maintenance of the TRITOtherm sacrificial layer on top. They made a true eco-smart decision and saved money doing it!