PVC Roof Restoration

Operations Center

Las Vegas, NV

TRITOflex Liquid Rubber Membrane System

28,055 sq. ft.


The 20 year-old PVC membrane roof was becoming very thin and was subject to sudden leaking. The building is used for high security purposes and leaks could be extremely disruptive and costly.

The owner’s concerns included disturbing the current building operations during the roof renovations with noise or odors as well as debris possibly entering the building from removal of the existing roof system. The owner also required a high energy protection from the roof system due to the Vegas climate. Deteriorated walls and ductwork on the roof added to the water tightness concerns.

Limited Options

To avoid traditional re-roofing noise and odors, the consultant recommended a restoration of the existing roof system with the TRITOflex liquid rubber membrane system. TRITOflex is an instant-set, water-based, liquid rubber system with no VOC’s. Also recommended was a ceramic white surface coating applied over the liquid rubber membrane to create a thermal barrier to the sun and prevent heat absorption into the building. This suggestion addressed the building’s energy concerns and facilitated a clean, non-obtrusive, and environmentally friendly waterproofing installation.

Quality Installation

The new TRITOflex liquid rubber restoration system saved the client 40% below the cost of a traditional roof replacement and was completed within 15 days without disturbing the occupants. The client achieved a warrantied, watertight roof system for 15 years and improved their cooling efficiency for ongoing savings