Metal roof recovery with a seamless rubber membrane system stopped roof leaks in a 12 year old metal roof system. The metal roof leaked and allowed water into the electrical panels beneath the roof leak causing extensive damage. Fasteners on the roof were loose and pulled away from the panels resulting in failed seams causing the leaks.

Limited Options

The owner did not want to tear-off the metal panels and open the building up to the elements. Additionally, there was an ongoing challenge of cooling the area beneath the roof because there was no insulation installed when the roof was originally put on.

Quality Installation

To avoid tearing-off the metal panels, the consultant recommended a recovery of the existing roof system with 80 mils of TRITOflex liquid rubber waterproofing membrane system. TRITOflex is a water-based, environmentally safe coating system with no VOC’s. Also recommended was a ceramic white top coating to be applied over the TRITOflex liquid rubber waterproofing membrane to create an insulating thermal barrier to the sun and help prevent heat absorption into the building. This recommendation addressed the building’s cooling deficiencies and facilitated an aesthetically pleasing monolithic waterproofing barrier over the existing metal roof panels.