Large Hail Damaged Roof Recover

Nationwide Insurance Office Building
Scottsdale, AZ
60 Mil TRITOflex Membrane and 20 Mil TRITOthem Ceramic Coat
114,000 sq. ft


A rare storm that tore through Arizona with baseball sized hail severely damaged a two-year old roof on an insurance company’s office building in the prestigious Scottsdale business district. In order to prevent tearing off and starting over, the customer chose the durable TRITOflex rubber membrane recover system to go over top the existing roof.
The client only had their new laminate-surfaced, two-ply modified bitumen roofing system installed for two-years before a major hail storm severely damaged it, resulting in ripped seams, punctures and a fractured laminate surface. Although the hail strikes damaged the modified bitumen roof membrane, the underlying insulation was undamaged and could be salvaged.

Two Options

The client was presented with the two best options by the consultant, Alan Stevens Associates. The first option was to do what they had done two years prior and tear-off the entire modified system down to the concrete decking and start all over. The second option was to have the roof recovered with the TRITOflex fluid-applied, instant-setting rubber membrane, which is hail-resistant, has no seams, and has the highest wind uplift rating in the industry. Rather than going through the cost, labor, and disruption of tearing off the entire roof system again, the client chose TRITOflex to be installed over the existing hail damaged membrane. The client achieved a new 15-year warranty and saved $500,000 over replacement cost.

New Hail-Resistant Roof

The TRITOflex two-component rubberized membrane was installed in one coat with a spray application directly over the existing modified bitumen roof system to achieve a 60 mil/1.5mm seamless membrane. It was then top coated with a thermal insulating surface coat to provide superior energy cost savings in the hot Arizona climate. With an industry-leading FM-approved impact and hail resistance classification, the flexible TRITOflex membrane will protect this building from anything mother nature may bring at it in the future.

The TRITOflex recover system being environmentally safe with no VOC’s, and no harmful or disruptive odors, proved to be the most cost-effective and prudent solution for the clients building