Grease-Damaged Roof Restoration

Mexican Restaurant’s Grease-Damaged Roof Restored

Marion, IA

60 mil TRITOflex Rubber Membrane System


The 15-year old aluminum surfaced built-up roof on this popular Mexican restaurant was leaking badly due to grease deterioration to the surface, in addition to very poor drainage. The grease spewing from the vents would accumulate on the roof surface resulting in severe degradation.

The restaurant is one of the city’s most popular spots and could not be shut down for a single minute. Although the old roof was completely shot and a new roof system was required, the mechanical units could not be shut down during reroofing and no debris could come through the deck, resulting in potential food contamination.

Appropriate Recommendations

The consultant recommended a recover of the grease contaminated roof areas (about 1/3 of the total roof area) with a DensDeck board to separate the new roof membrane from the grease and to build up the low spots for better drainage. A self-adhering TRITOflex liquid rubber membrane system was recommended to be installed directly over the non-contaminated areas of the roof and then over the DensDeck board that was installed over the grease areas. The TRITOflex system is an extremely durable quick setting, water-based, liquid rubber membrane that has no VOC’s or odor during installation. A white TRITOcryl top coating was then installed for better energy results and to protect the new roof membrane from premature degradation. The superior adhesion, puncture resistance, and wind up-lift rating of the TRITOflex system assured stability of the waterproofing system over the existing roof and eliminated the need for costly and disruptive tear-off of the old roof system. A new grease containment system was installed on the new roof to protect the system from future damage.

Quick, Instant-Set Application

The new liquid rubber membrane system was completed in 2 days and was installed even while the restaurant served lunch. The client achieved a waterproofing system warrantied for 15 years and will see a savings on their energy bill due to the new TRITOcryl reflective surface installed.