Below-Grade Railway Foundation

Below-Grade Waterproofing at new Railway Station

Njemgen, Netherlands

2 mm TRITOflex Membrane



The Nijmegen-Lent Railway Station in the Netherlands needed the highest quality waterproofing solution for their expansion project.

The newly constructed Nijmegen-Lent railway station needed a quality below-grade waterproofing solution for its concrete foundation. The General Contractor, Strukton, went looking for this solution and came into contact with Triton Europe. With decades of experience in below-grade waterproofing, Triton was able to lay out the options.

Limited Options

Triton recommended a TRITOflex liquid rubber waterproofing system to be installed over the concrete foundation due to its high 1900% elongation, extreme adherence to structural concrete, and the ability to spray apply the membrane to the desired thickness in just one coat. TRITOflex is also a water-based, no VOC green product and solution. TRITOflex will be able to withstand structural movements and changes over the years due to its high flexibility. Not only will it and protect the critical components that lay within the foundation of a rail station by keeping water out, but it will preserve this new concrete structure for decades to come.

Quality Installation

The new below-grade waterproofing protection was completed within a few days. The client achieved a warrantied waterproofing system and can rest assured their railway station’s foundation will remain watertight for decades to come during even the worst rainfalls.