BUR Roof Restoration

BUR Roof Restoration with a seamless rubber membrane helped our client saves 42% compared to the cost of a TPO roof replacement with a premium roof restoration system that restored the building to a watertight condition in a matter of days.
A struggling economy and a leaky roof presented a budget problem for the client who had no choice but to look for a cost effective reroofing option. The existing BUR roof was 18 years old and several repair attempts in the past were not resolving the issues.

Limited Options

Spraying TRITOflex
To avoid a costly and disruptive tear-off of the old roof system, Triton recommended a recover with a spray applied, monolithic waterproofing membrane system called TRITOflex. TRITOflex is a water-based, environmentally safe liquid membrane coating system that is applied at 60 mils thick and has 1900% elongation with no VOC’s. TRITOflex is extremely durable to foot traffic and has the highest FM wind up-lift rating in the industry. Also recommended was a top coat of white acrylic called TRITOcryl to create a reflective barrier from the sun and provide a protective acrylic thermal layer.

Quality Installation

The new roof recover system was installed within a week without disturbing the occupants. The client achieved a 15 year warrantied roof that saved them 42% compared to the cost of other proposals using a conventional TPO roll type roofing.