Aluminum Surfaced Roof Recover

Aluminum Coated Roof – Bank and Offices

Phoenix, AZ

60 TRITOflex Membrane with 20 mil TRITOtherm top coat

7,800 sq. ft


When this aluminum surfaced 17-year old built up roof system started to fail, the TRITOflex seamless rubber membrane system proved to be the most affordable and non-disruptive retrofit option for the client.
The old built-up roof had deteriorated in the desert sun and was experiencing leaks. The old roof was showing signs of vulnerability to more substantial leak issues in the future if something were not done. The client needed to either replace it or recover it prior to damages occurring on the interior. The client could not afford any disruption to its daily operations in the way of roofing fumes or construction noise, which made tear-off and replacement a less desirable solution.

Limited Options

Since a tear-off option was eliminated due to the disruption it would cause, the lightweight retrofit options considered by the client were a TPO single-ply sheet membrane versus a Fluid Applied membrane system. Single-ply membrane systems require an insulation board separation between the new membrane and the old roof which would require thousands of fasteners to hold it down. If the membrane were to leak from a seam failure or puncture, water would be trapped between the systems and run through the thousands of holes penetrating the roof. The client chose a fluid applied option to be installed directly over the existing roof without the need for fasteners or glue. TRITOflex was chosen as the best-in-class option because it is an instant setting rubber that can be spray applied to any thickness in one coat without experiencing shrinkage cracks like most other liquids do when installed too thick in one coat. The TRITOflex liquid rubber membrane is an environmentally friendly water-based product that has 1900% elongation and extreme resistance to puncture. A thermal insulating ceramic based white surface coating was also applied over the TRITOflex to provide superior energy efficiency in the desert heat.

The entire project was completed quickly within five days and the client achieved a watertight and energy efficient roof system with a 15-year warranty. The client had no disruption to their business operations and appreciated the zero-impact on their operations during the whole process.

TRITOflex is in a class of its own with the ability to become a seamless waterproof membrane in seconds after it is sprayed, with no fumes.