Air Barrier in Downtown Skyscraper

Skyscraper Air Barrier Solution

Des Moines, IA

40 Mil TRITOflex Air/Vapor Barrier

2,000 square feet


Air stack problems in a 45 story building coming from the top sent the managers looking for a top notch air barrier solution.

The elevator control room above the elevator shafts at the top of this 45 story tall skyscraper in downtown Des Moines had large amounts of air infiltration through the walls, resulting in air stack effect that caused issues regulating the internal temperatures and air flow within the building. In order to reduce operating costs, an air barrier needed to be installed on the interior walls of the elevator control room in the top of the skyscraper.

Limited Options

The client needed an air barrier that would be durable, thick, and withstand any air or even vapor infiltration. It also needed to be fire resistant and environmentally safe. After finding out how quickly the TRITOflex membrane could be installed to these bare walls, that it has no VOC’s, and that it would result in a great looking finish, the client chose TRITOflex to keep the air from entering in and save them money on their monthly bills. The non-disruptive aspect of the installation, especially having virtually no odor, was also critical.

Quality Installation

TRITOflex was spray applied at 40 mils (1 mm) dry in just a few hours to all of the walls and the transition from the wall to the floor to seal the room from air infiltration. All small and hard to reach areas were sealed with roller and brush applications of TRITOtrowel. Then the air barrier was coated with a white paint to give the client their desired color.

The client achieved a durable, sustainable, and green rubber air barrier that immediately solved their air stack effect problem and will also prevent any moisture or vapor from entering the control room.