Single-Ply Flat Roof Repair

Single-ply flat roofs are factory-manufactured sheets made from synthetic rubber or thermoplastics and are commonly referred to by their chemical acronyms, such as ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM), thermoplastic olefin (TPO) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Single-ply roof systems are the most common among commercial and industrial buildings. However, single-ply flat roof membranes also have weaknesses that cause them to fail, leading to the need for a roof leak repair. Austin Roofing & Waterproofing is Ontario's leader in seamless flat roof repair and restoration, so there is no need for a tear-off. Ask us how you can waterproof your existing Single-ply roof and make it stronger than the day it was installed. 

Single-ply roof systems are not fluid-applied like seamless roofing systems. They cannot be custom installed and tailored to fit the contours and many stacks, pipes and ventilation units perturbing through of fasted to each individual roof. These prefabricated sheets are brought up on the roof and cut and trimmed to fit the size and shape of the roof. Single-ply flat roof systems do not bend, mold and automatically form to fit the roof.  Seamless liquid membranes adhere to every surface and angle creating a seamless custom seal around every item on a roofs surface. Unlike single-ply flat roof systems that do not have the ability to be as watertight as a coating system because they do not fill all the cracks and voids. They are also less flexible, leading to potential leaks over time as the roof expands and contracts. The flexibility and durability of a seamless roofing system will outperform single-ply systems every time when dealing with rubber roof repair or new roof installation.

Contact Austin Roofing & Waterproofing for your single-ply or rubber roof repair so we can improve the strength and durability of your existing roof before you shell out the money for a total roof replacement.

The TRITOflex seamless liquid rubber roofing system is ideal for restoring many types of single-ply thermoplastic (i.e. PVC, TPO) or EPDM roofs when they are leaking or deteriorated in order to avoid a costly and disruptive tear-off. TRITOflex is lightweight at only 6 ounces per square foot and is quickly spray applied to the existing roof surface. The liquid rubber product forms a fully adhered monolithic membrane over the existing roof without the need for thousands of screws to hold it down. When completed with a TRITOtherm reflective top coat, it becomes a highly energy efficient roof as well..

Flat Roof System
Flat Roof System