Greenhouse Waterproofing

Ontario Commercial waterproofing seamless coating

Greenhouse Rooftop Waterproofing

Austin Roofing and Waterproofing specializes in seamless waterproofing for greenhouse systems.

The greenhouse industry is a continuously expanding its growing systems from vegetables to medical marijuana, which all require water containment systems and a watertight roof.

Today, almost all greenhouses are built with an aluminum insulated paneling roof system spreading over thousands of feet long with several eves-troughs to dispose of the rain run-off. The rapid build-out and expansion of greenhouse facilities often result in water ingress and underground seepage.

When these problems arise growers often fined no solution, except the costly and time consuming removal of the leaking panels and installing new.

Austin Roofing and Waterproofing offers growers a cost effective, long-lasting and structure strengthening solution with a spray-on seamless waterproofing membrane. This waterproofing method provides a fully adhered, white reflective membrane up-and-over the peaked panels forming a completely watertight envelope.

Greenhouse Underground & Tank Waterproofing

Most greenhouses have concrete underground reservoirs that typically store fresh water, recycled water and fertilize mixed water; these systems must be kept clean and containment free.

Our Austin Waterproofing teams are certified confined-space applicators specializing in seamless waterproofing of new reservoir systems, reservoir dry-out and restoration of underground reservoir systems.

Working directly with emulsion manufactures we have developed a proven greenhouse waterproofing method that has gained us recognition as the industry leader in Ontario.

Our Systems have been specifically tested and approved for all vegetable and medical marijuana farms providing a long-lasting, durable and environmentally safe lining system.