Commercial Waterproofing Specialists

Austin Roofing & Waterproofing specializes in spray rubber waterproofing for open cut, blindside, horizontal decks/inverted roof systems and air/vapor barrier systems.

Commercial Vapor Barriers Ontario

Vapor Barriers & Air Barriers

Air Barriers Control Air Leakage

Air barriers control air leakage in and out of the building enclosures. Spray rubber applications are highly versatile elastomeric coatings that are cold-applied using a spray system.

Today the building science community and industry professionals understand the cause and effect of proper building enclosure performance on the longevity of the building, tenant and owner comfort, energy consumption, internal air quality, and both initial construction budget and operating costs.

Two approaches for building envelope enclosure are commonly utilized in today’s construction industry – vapor open and vapor closed assemblies, utilizing sheet membrane or liquid applied materials. Industry consultants and building professionals are increasingly using a holistic enclosure approach to address a common technical challenge, which is compatibility of materials and assemblies.

The application utilizes cold liquid applied, adhesion and instant cure technology, with an easy ability to bridge building settlement conditions as there are no seams of laps conditions. During sequencing or construction delays this air barrier can be exposed for long periods of time.

Common Rubber Membrane Uses

  • Heat Blistering or Seam Cracks
  • UV Damaged & Deteriorating Membranes
  • Flange & Exhaust Pipe Seams
  • Skylight Seals
  • Stack and Chimney Caulk Deterioration
  • Greenhouse Fluid Systems
  • Grain Storage Moisture Control
  • Gutters and Drain Systems
    And MORE