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Austin Roofing and Waterproofing specializes in commercial flat roof restoration services. Our seamless, spray rubber restoration creates a waterproof, custom-fit membrane over your existing roof substrate, and can be applied over any flat roof, metal roof or slightly pitched surfaces. 
No need for a tear-off.
No costly retrofit.
No leaks. 

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Commercial Flat Roof Retrofit or Commercial Flat Roof Restoration? What you need to know!

A flat roof retrofit is the process of installing an additional layer of the same roofing materials (very heavy) over the exiting leaking roof. Since both installations require thousands of fasteners through the roof deck the odds of another roof leak are inevitable. 

At Austin Roofing we specializes in commercial flat roof restoration services. 

Once the existing roof is cleaned and prepped, we install a fully adhered (no fasteners needed), 3-ply flexible rubber coating directly over the roof’s surface creating a seamless membrane across the roof. As each spray rubber application is applied, the process fills every crack and split throughout the roof creating a custom fit. It is very light weight, and the elastomer properties allow it to expand and contract without cracking, pealing or separating during Toronto’s extreme temperatures. 

Toronto BUR Commercial Flat Roof Restoration
FreshCo / Winners, Commercial Flat Roof Restoration to Two Bur' Gravel Flat Roof Sections
Danforth Auto Centre, Commercial Touchdown Flat Roof Restoration - 2,844 Sq Ft

York Condominium Corp, Commercial BUR Flat Roof Restoration - 37,620 Sq Ft

Commercial Flat Roof Repair Toronto
Ozimek Industries, Commercial BUR Flat Roof Restoration - 20,418 Sq Ft

Custom fit Commercial Flat Roof restoration services?

Our custom fit commercial flat roof restoration is seamless and fully adheres to the surface creating a flexible seal around all protrusions: stacks, pipes, HVAC units, drains, skylights, solar panels, etc.  

The spray rubber coating strengthens the roof, and the white reflective finish improves the overall building efficiency.

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