EPDM Seamless Roof Repair

EPDM Roof Repair

An extreme storm blew the EPDM roof loose on this office and the client saved 30% by choosing an alternate to torch-down modified bitumen.
The EPDM roof over this client’s office was blown loose after a big storm passed through the area. The EPDM membrane became wrinkled, unadhered, and had exposed the building to moisture entry. The building owner needed a quick solution to prevent further water damage to the tenant-occupied spaces, especially since it was the start of spring rains.

Limited Options

The building owner met with a local roofing company and received various quotes for a new torch-down Modified Bitumen roof system to be installed directly to the plywood deck in place of the damaged EPDM membrane. However, the roofing company was so busy working on other roofs damaged in the storm that the work could not be done for 6 weeks. When they could begin, it would take 2 weeks to install the new Mod-Bit system. In the meantime, the building owner approached a local Certified Builders Association member to help remove the skylights and replace some of the plywood. When this builder saw the condition of the roof, he mentioned a product he had seen called TRITOflex. JVL Contractors Ltd., a TRITOflex Approved NZ Applicator, was then approached by the builder to offer suggestions and a quote to replace the roof with the TRITOflex liquid rubber system instead of Modified Bitumen. JVL recommended the EPDM be removed, the plywood properly repaired and prepped, and then TRITOflex rubber membrane sprayed directly to the plywood with the energy efficient TRITOtherm top coat to finish.

Quality Installation

Now with two options in front of them, the client was pleased to hear about differences between Modified Bitumen and TRITOflex seamless rubber and also pleased to see the cost difference. JVL completed the job completely, start to finish, in 5 days. Far quicker than the proposal for Modified Bitumen. On top of that, the owners saved 30% in comparison to their original quote. The loose EPDM was removed, the plywood roof was scraped clean and primed, TRITOflex was sprayed to 2mm (80 mils) dry in one coat, and then two coats of TRITOtherm were sprayed and rolled over the TRITOflex membrane to provide energy savings and create a sustainable system.

BUR Flat Roof Repair

BUR Roof Restoration

BUR Roof Restoration with a seamless rubber membrane helped our client saves 42% compared to the cost of a TPO roof replacement with a premium roof restoration system that restored the building to a watertight condition in a matter of days.
A struggling economy and a leaky roof presented a budget problem for the client who had no choice but to look for a cost effective reroofing option. The existing BUR roof was 18 years old and several repair attempts in the past were not resolving the issues.

Limited Options

Spraying TRITOflex
To avoid a costly and disruptive tear-off of the old roof system, Triton recommended a recover with a spray applied, monolithic waterproofing membrane system called TRITOflex. TRITOflex is a water-based, environmentally safe liquid membrane coating system that is applied at 60 mils thick and has 1900% elongation with no VOC’s. TRITOflex is extremely durable to foot traffic and has the highest FM wind up-lift rating in the industry. Also recommended was a top coat of white acrylic called TRITOcryl to create a reflective barrier from the sun and provide a protective acrylic thermal layer.

Quality Installation

The new roof recover system was installed within a week without disturbing the occupants. The client achieved a 15 year warrantied roof that saved them 42% compared to the cost of other proposals using a conventional TPO roll type roofing.

Flat Roof Repair with seamless rubber membrane

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roof repair with a seamless rubber membrane helped a client after a rare storm tore through Arizona with baseball sized hail severely damaging a two-year old roof on an insurance company’s office building in the prestigious Scottsdale business district. In order to prevent tearing off and starting over, the customer chose the durable TRITOflex rubber membrane recover system to go over top the existing roof.

Limited Options

The client was presented with the two best options by the consultant. The first option was to do what they had done two years prior and tear-off the entire modified system down to the concrete decking and start all over. The second option was to have the roof recovered with the TRITOflex fluid-applied, instant-setting rubber membrane, which is hail-resistant, has no seams, and has the highest wind uplift rating in the industry. Rather than going through the cost, labor, and disruption of tearing off the entire roof system again, the client chose TRITOflex to be installed over the existing hail damaged membrane. The client achieved a new 15-year warranty and saved $500,000 over replacement cost.

Quality Installation

The TRITOflex two-component rubberized membrane was installed in one coat with a spray application directly over the existing modified bitumen roof system to achieve a 60 mil/1.5mm seamless membrane. It was then top coated with a thermal insulating surface coat to provide superior energy cost savings in the hot Arizona climate. With an industry-leading FM-approved impact and hail resistance classification, the flexible TRITOflex membrane will protect this building from anything mother nature may bring at it in the future.

metal roof repair


Metal roof recovery with a seamless rubber membrane system stopped roof leaks in a 12 year old metal roof system. The metal roof leaked and allowed water into the electrical panels beneath the roof leak causing extensive damage. Fasteners on the roof were loose and pulled away from the panels resulting in failed seams causing the leaks.

Limited Options

The owner did not want to tear-off the metal panels and open the building up to the elements. Additionally, there was an ongoing challenge of cooling the area beneath the roof because there was no insulation installed when the roof was originally put on.

Quality Installation

To avoid tearing-off the metal panels, the consultant recommended a recovery of the existing roof system with 80 mils of TRITOflex liquid rubber waterproofing membrane system. TRITOflex is a water-based, environmentally safe coating system with no VOC’s. Also recommended was a ceramic white top coating to be applied over the TRITOflex liquid rubber waterproofing membrane to create an insulating thermal barrier to the sun and help prevent heat absorption into the building. This recommendation addressed the building’s cooling deficiencies and facilitated an aesthetically pleasing monolithic waterproofing barrier over the existing metal roof panels.

Aluminum Coated Roof

Aluminum coated roof leaks can be repaired with a seamless rubber membrane systems. Flat roof systems can quickly develop leaks especially in harsh climates. When this aluminum surfaced built up roof system started to fail, the TRITOflex seamless rubber membrane system proved to be the most affordable and non-disruptive retrofit option for the client. The old built-up roof had deteriorated in the desert sun and was experiencing leaks. The old roof was showing signs of vulnerability to more substantial leak issues in the future if something were not done. The client needed to either replace it or recover it prior to damages occurring on the interior. The client could not afford any disruption to its daily operations in the way of roofing fumes or construction noise, which made tear-off and replacement a less desirable solution.

Limited Options

Since a tear-off option was eliminated due to the disruption it would cause, the lightweight retrofit options considered by the client were a TPO single-ply sheet membrane versus a Fluid Applied membrane system. Single-ply membrane systems require an insulation board separation between the new membrane and the old roof which would require thousands of fasteners to hold it down. If the membrane were to leak from a seam failure or puncture, water would be trapped between the systems and run through the thousands of holes penetrating the roof. The client chose a fluid applied option to be installed directly over the existing roof without the need for fasteners or glue. TRITOflex was chosen as the best-in-class option because it is an instant setting rubber that can be spray applied to any thickness in one coat without experiencing shrinkage cracks like most other liquids do when installed too thick in one coat. The TRITOflex liquid rubber membrane is an environmentally friendly water-based product that has 1900% elongation and extreme resistance to puncture. A thermal insulating ceramic based white surface coating was also applied over the TRITOflex to provide superior energy efficiency in the desert heat.

Quality Installation

The entire project was completed quickly within five days and the client achieved a watertight and energy efficient roof system with a 15-year warranty. The client had no disruption to their business operations and appreciated the zero-impact on their operations during the whole process.

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Single Ply Roof Refit

Single ply roof refit can be an affordable solution with a seamless rubber membrane system. Our client’s school had reached the original expected lifespan out of this white Hypalon single-ply roof system before it began to leak extensively and require constant maintenance and care. Knowing that it was time to have this middle school building re-roofed before the new school year, the school brought in Triton to analyze their current situation and present the options they could choose from

Limited Options

There were lots of punctures in the existing membrane due to a variety of causes and the school was constantly having it patched. Algae and fungi had also eaten into the membrane causing pinholes. Some of the fasteners had started to protrude through the membrane due to settled insulation from moisture. Lastly, the membrane was very dirty, which negates its energy savings, and thin due to deterioration over time. Water was actually beginning to wick through the reinforcement scrim of the membrane.

Quality Installation

The TRITOflex two-component rubberized membrane was installed in one coat with a spray application directly over the existing single-ply roof system to achieve a 60 mil/1.5mm seamless membrane. It was then top coated with two coats of TRITOtherm thermal insulating coating at 20 mils/0.5mm total to provide superior energy cost savings in the hot summers and also help prevent heat loss through the roof system while the school is heated during the cold Iowa winters. With an industry-leading FM-approved hail resistance classification and leading puncture resistance properties, the flexible TRITOflex membrane will protect this building from anything the elements, roof-top workers, or children may bring at it in the future. The TRITOflex recover system being environmentally safe with no VOC’s, and no harmful or disruptive odors, proved to be the most cost-effective and prudent solution for the school. They can rest assured they will have no disruptions to their vital classroom environments due to a leaking roof and they now have a roof system that can be sustained for decades to come.