Flat Roof Repair and Restoration

Austin Roofing & Waterproofing can provide a seamless flat roof repair, restoration or refit and make your entire roof substrate watertight and more durable than the first day it was installed.

We specialize in flat roof repair and restoration on commercial and industrial buildings in Ontario. Our seamless roofing systems can be installed on top of any flat roof or slightly pitched surfaces. The TRITOflex seamless waterproofing system is ideal for recovering all types of existing roof systems to avoid costly and disruptive tear-offs. These Flat Roof Systems include: Metal, Single-Ply (PVC, TPO, EPDM), Modi ed Bitumen, Built-Up and Cap Sheet.

Our extreme weather conditions in Ontario causes thermal shock (expansion and contraction caused by UV radiation). This will cause these roof substrates to stretch or sag at the seams, along the edges and around protruding stacks, pipes and HVAC units. Ponding water is the byproduct of thermal shock and the main contributor to leaks in the membrane.

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Simple, non-penetrating, cost-effective
Highly resistant to UV, ozone, salt spray, or chemicals
Highly energy efficient and reduces thermal shock °F
Fire resistant and self-extinguishing
Remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures
Exceeds most stringent wind uplift requirements
Remains flexible in sub-degree temperatures
1900% elongation properties
Sprayed to any thickness in a single coat
Eco Friendly No VOC’c